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Does Uploaded Premium have any downsides?

Despite the numerous benefits, has a few drawbacks. One notable downside is that the Udrive feature tends to malfunction sometimes hence inconveniencing users. In addition, the platform does not specify the exact speeds available for uploads or downloads. Essentially, you may have to contend with very slow speeds when uploading or downloading files.

How to Operate an Account

Like in any other file hosting platform, operating your Uploaded account is simply a breeze. You do not require any advanced skills to upload, download or manage your files. The process is straightforward and you can start transferring your files as soon as you check-in into the member’s dashboard. What is more remarkable is that allows all… Read More »

User Interface

The Uploaded website has a very impressive user interface. The interface features an attractive design with well-arranged menus and easy to use features. Moreover, it is easily navigable, making it convenient for users to register, log in, upload files and download files. Remarkably, the interface allows users to sync files with cloud. You may also synchronize your desktop… Read More »