Pay per Sale & Pay per Download at the same time!

You’ll earn 60% of the initial purchase of your referred customers, 50% of every valid* rebill they generate.

Affiliate program: terms of download reward
Currently 1000 downloads will be compensated country-specific as follows: affiliate plan
All types of downloads are counted: Guests, Free-Account and Premium-Account Downloads
Limitation: 1 Download is counted per IP within 24h from Guests and Free-Account Users, 1 Download per Account within 24h from Premium-Account users

Valid Rebills:
If a costumer, which was referred by you, purchases a product within 7 days after expiry of his initial purchase, you’ll receive 65% of the price which he paid. If he purchases a product, lets say 3 months after expiry of his initial purchase, you won’t receive any revenue.

Payout requests are being processed approx. 14 days after request, payouts can be requested via Amazon EUR Vouchers, WebMoney and Bank Wire-Transfer at the moment.